Friday, May 26, 2017

Beaver Inspection

Beaver, West Virginia, that is.

I recently signed up with another field services agency and yesterday they sent me to Beaver for my first-ever home inspection that didn't involve making someone angry, or posting a delinquency notice to the door and slipping away before the debtor or any neighbors noticed me.

This job was on behalf of a bank, of course (as are most home-related field inspections) -- but in this case the homeowner had applied for a home equity line of credit, and my task was to take various exterior photos of the house and immediate area, and to report on the condition of the property and overall quality of the neighborhood.

It was a nice change of pace to not be out in the middle of nowhere on a 2-lane country road, trying to locate a property while mentally cussing out the old guy in the pickup truck ahead of me doing 20 mph. On this job, I actually got to ride the interstate system at 70 mph for 50 carefree miles one-way.

What a gorgeous area the location turned out to be. It was away from town, out in farm country. I parked my car on the shoulder to get it off the narrow, short road that served this small neighborhood.

The owner was home. The garage door was open and there were two cars parked in the driveway. The work order specified there was to be no contact with the property owner unless they approached me, so I exited my car and began taking photos of the home, taking care to not set foot onto the property itself.

No one came running out of the house to ask what the heck was I doing photographing their home, so I took a few extra shots of the residence, photographed the street looking both ways, and snapped a few photos of nearby properties. I would love to live in an older, quiet neighborhood like this.

Time to go -- another easy drive on the interstate (with a quick stop for lunch) and I was back at the office. I'd upload my photos and fill out my online report forms later.

Field inspections are not my "real" job, they are just a means I have recently discovered to supplement my income... and to have some fun and keep my people skills sharp.

Would you like to learn more about this usually-misunderstood line of work? Send me an email or comment here.

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